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Integrative Leadership by Design

Lifestyle Leadership Consulting is a talent management and leadership development consultancy.
We work with individuals and teams helping people find the courage to make choices, navigate
by their values and grow confidence and trust in each other and themselves.

Customized Talent Management

We believe in using a customized, targeted, scientific approach to hiring right and personnel development.  Our Spectrum® assessment includes 3 separate assessments in 1. Each assessment measures Behaviors; how we do, and Motivators; why we do. Rounding out the process is the Role, which will determine the appropriate targeted skills index to be used.

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Let’s get clear – What is your vision for the future?

We’ll begin with the end in mind. By engaging and brainstorming with your leadership team a refreshed, intrinsic vision is arrived at – collectively. From here, together, we’ll chart a course for where you want to be and how to get there. The ripple effects will be felt throughout your organization and most importantly – with your customer base!

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What does leadership have to do with it?

Leadership is based on positive relationships, the development of interpersonal skills and knowing what you have to offer the world and being able to take your place in it with confidence. It’s about inspiring others through influence. It’s about character and walking your talk. It’s about humility, humanity and servant leadership. And most of all, it’s about heart.

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Is it time for a reality check?

Life doesn’t have to be hard. Every day is a new day presenting an opportunity to choose what we want to experience, how we want to behave and who we want to be.

Goals & Aspirations. Most of us have a few! Lifetime goals, short-term goals, yearly goals – often we can become driven and even blinded by planning and projecting into our future. We miss what’s happening right now – in the present. To be committed to a goal is honorable. Knowing when you’ve become attached to a goal – Wisdom…

We have but one life to live.  Will you show up and live yours with conscious intention and on purpose?  Are you building your legacy and living the life you were meant to be living?  This is lifestyle by design!!

The result?

No regrets!!

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What People are Saying

“Gisele has the incredibly valuable ability to apply the needed information, input and resources at the most impactful time. She has helped lead me to my true leadership potential …”Matthew Baker, GM, Baker Collision Express – Lexington
“Everyone in the leadership consulting business knows you need values and purpose to be successful – few are willing to step out on the wire and walk the fine line of where leadership values take you. Gisele is one of the those few …”Scott Carlton, Vice President, Commercial Lines Manager at Hylant
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