4 Levels of Human Development – Part 2

In the first post of the series on 4 Levels of Human Development we explored  Know Yourself.

In Part 2  of the series, we’re going to explore
Level 2:   “Choose Yourself”



Don’t you just love this cartoon? I mean really, who doesn’t ever feel like this? Options and possibilities all vying for your attention or perhaps it’s all the busyness that you surround yourself with…. Shiny object syndrome to the max – oh the noise!!! If only someone could just tell you what to do and then you could just do that. Problem with this is that the motivation isn’t from the heart, it’s not intrinsic and the chances of you following it through are slim. Choices find us exploring level 2 on our journey of human development and transformation.

On Mother’s Day a few years ago, my daughter Taryn presented me with what has become a profound gift. It was a T-shirt that simply stated, “Live inspired” across the front. Over the years I’ve come to realize that this energy is twofold, be inspired and you’ll inspire others. This is Leadership with Influence!

Get curious and explore what this stage of development looks like for you. If your mind feels anything like the cartoon character’s mind, then you may choose to get some clarity by asking yourself some of the following questions:

  • What is the experience I want from life?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • Who am I becoming?

Inspire yourself and create your masterpiece….

Inspiration and accountability are forever entwined. When these two states of being/achieving connect, leadership of high influence and the ability to focus on the needs, wants, desires and values of others results.  Who doesn’t want this for self and for everyone in their organization not to mention as part of a shift in cultural effectiveness? What’s underneath Inspiration and Accountability and how do we create the conditions where fostering this ripples through our organizational culture?

Let’s look at this in more depth from the perspective of neuroscience. Our brain is divided into 4 quadrants within the right and left hemispheres. For the purposes of this post, we’ll focus on the upper right and left quadrants.  The right brain is where we open up our thinking to what is possible and to the opportunities around us; Inspiration. The left brain organizes our thinking giving us the focus to implement the tasks necessary to reach our goals; Accountability.  Integration of these 2 hemispheres is what I like to call the sweet spot in neuroscience.  This is the zone often referred to as FLOW; when we are intentional to creating and living our masterpiece from a higher source of inspiration and accountability combined.Outstanding

John Miller’s “Outstanding; 47 Ways to Make Your Organization Exceptional” is a book that comes to mind as a group read when creating the inspirational conditions referenced above. “You will never live life beyond your wildest expectations until you first have some wild expectations.”

Stay tuned for The 4 Levels of Human Development – Part 3, “Create Yourself” where we’ll explore Accountability in more detail.  In the meantime if you’d like to connect for a more in depth conversation, give me a call or email me and we can talk about designing a lifestyle and leadership coaching relationship that is unique for you and/or your team. I would love to hear from you!

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