As the Pendulum Swings

Have you ever wondered about how much you influence your current experience with life?

It’s been a few months, gracious, quite a few in fact since I’ve written on this platform. It’s odd, it didn’t feel like a writer’s block although I simply didn’t feel the creative urge or maybe it was that I just didn’t have anything to write about…. Or was it something else?

As I ruminate on how this past year has been so busy for us, I’m left wondering how much of that we in fact created for ourselves. Life in the Eastern Caribbean was so quiet and then bam we put everything into high gear in August, 2014. Finally, around early July, our pace slowed down and we started to find our new rhythm with life here in The Bahamas. Ahhh….
Looking at life’s events in hindsight, it’s easy to see the pattern from a neuroscience perspective. In the graph to the right, last year, our experience with life was way over on the left. What I’ve learned about stress management is that when we are at either extreme of the pendulum we will often crave its opposite. Let that one sink in!! So, in our uber relaxed state we were craving more activity, stimulation even chaos. And, we got it 🙂

Ideally, what most of us are looking for from a stress management perspective is a range towards the top of the graph, which gives us a bit of everything. This energy level has been dubbed many things such as Balance, Sweet Spot, Goldilocks, and Flow to name a few. We all have our own perspective on when we’re at our best and for some it may be a bit left of center or a bit right of center. It’s kind of exciting to have the awareness of my own energy aura these days. Funny thing, my sense is that it will be short lived. These pockets of balance typically only last a short time for me as I have a tendency to enjoy my experience just slightly to the right of the stress curve.

The pendulum of life is always in motion. Where is yours right now? Some questions you might want to mull over:

  • What is my current experience with life?
  • Am I being my best self?
  • Am I working on what’s important or am I distracted by busyness?

Looking to create an alternate experience in your life?  We’d love to hear from you!

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