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Chaos, Crisis and Opportunity

“Calm seas do not make for a skilled captain.”

Recently while in conversation with a colleague, she mentioned that if I were in need of any “crisis” coaching that she’d be happy to oblige. I thanked her in the moment and well, truthfully, was a little taken aback by the offer. Sure, life is presenting a lot of moving pieces at the moment and traversing change is present, but “crisis”?

On crisis
I’ve come to realize that this is a rather subjective word. One person’s crisis is another person’s chaos. Perhaps that’s too simple and that it’s more about degrees of and perceptions. I think there are levels here to which we determine whether we’re in a crisis or if things are just shifting. For me, crisis denotes that bad things are happening or that life altering events are taking place. There’s serious emotional pain involved – You know, the big stuff!

On healing
Big life events require healing. Period. If we ignore or brush it off, well, the pain has a way of popping back up in ways that force us to pay attention. Feeling what needs to be felt – not easy for most of us and yet, necessary to our emotional well being. Add to that, a most compassionate honoring of self love helps when traversing through life changing events.

On resiliency
mistakesHow quickly one bounces back after a setback. How quickly we can re-direct our direction after a door has closed or a wall has appeared. We’ve all heard it said, when one door closes another opens. Or that we only need to create a door and walk through it. Easier said than done, sometimes. Opportunities present themselves daily in how we choose to respond to people and situations around us. Years ago, a girlfriend coined the phrase “control your controllables” and to this day, many of you who coach or have coached with me have no doubt heard this one.  It remains a favorite and I still lean on it myself from time to time.

On chaos
Ahhh, those moving pieces.  One person’s chaos is another person’s opportunity.  A client recently shared the word catastrophizing with me in reference to describing reactive behaviors.  It is so eloquent in its simplicity isn’t it?  How much do we create our own dramas, our own chaos? Some questions that come to mind:

  • Who do you choose to be when in it?
  • How do you cope?
  • How reflective are you?

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  1. Very interesting piece Gisele. I am transitioning into a new job, however, just 4 1/2 weeks ago I was given notice at my current work place. I went through many emotional outlets. I had people telling me to retain a lawyer, I was advised to demand severence. I was asked many times why I was still working here.

    Tomorrow is my last day.

    The ‘lay-off’ is suspicious and one of the partner’s has a history of being abusive to his staff. A couple of years ago I bit back and we really don’t speak all that much.

    I was actually on the hunt for a new job when I was diagnosed with Cancer last year.

    I never really considered that I was in ‘crisis’. Just life.

    With so many people weighing in on the actions I should take I had a really good meditation the other evening.

    I’ve already secured a new job with better pay and benefits. I’m excited about this role.

    Also, I aim to publish before summer’s end.

    I let go of ego and really thought about any actions I should take regarding my dismissal.

    At the end of the day the universe spoke just one word. Forgiveness.

    I’ve operated in this mode for many years now and once I accepted and forgave the transgressions that have gone on here I felt renewed.

    Thanks for this piece. Very timely on my end and I hope this finds the two of you well.

  2. Author

    Thank you Nancy.
    Gracious there are many moving pieces for sure! So happy to hear that the post resonated for you.
    Good luck in the new job and all the best with the publishing of your book. Can’t wait to read it too 🙂

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