Customized Talent Management 

service1At Lifestyle Leadership Consulting we believe in using a customized, targeted, scientific approach to hiring right and personnel development. Our Spectrum® assessment includes 3 separate assessments in 1. Each assessment measures Behaviors; how we do, and Motivators; why we do. Rounding out the process is the role, which will determine the appropriate Targeted Skills Index to be used.

team1Research has proven that job-related talents are directly related to job satisfaction and personal performance. People are well positioned to achieve success when they are engaged in work suited to their inherent skills, behavioral style and unique values. When the talent required by the job is clearly defined and in turn matched to the individual, everyone wins!

The result?

“Stacking the deck” in your favor begins at the selection process and will set the foundation for benchmarking and to building high performing teams in the workplace.

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Let’s get clear – What is your vision for the future? 

Mixed group in business meetingWe’ll begin with the end in mind. Together, we’ll chart a course for where you want to be and how to get there. With the fast pace of change putting an increasing demand on us, business coaching for key talent has never been more critical. The ripple effects will be felt throughout your organization and most importantly – with your customer base!

connections1By understanding the neuroscience behind human development, we are able to more quickly impact culture, creating lasting change for individuals and their teams. When a team connects at a tribal level, the foundation for creativity and innovation become the new standard. This means creating the environment and conditions where the tools and skills they need to succeed are available. Skills energize and tools motivate.

The result?

A sustainable culture where people thrive, where customer retention is a standard and corporate growth excels!

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What does leadership have to do with it? 

Businesswoman thinking
Leadership is based on positive relationships, the development of interpersonal skills and knowing what you have to offer the world and being able to take your place in it with confidence. It’s about inspiring others through influence. It’s about character and walking your talk. It’s about humility, humanity and servant leadership. And most of all, it’s about heart.

loveFostering a person’s need for growth will positively impact individual leadership competencies accelerating one’s leadership effectiveness. Introspection of self and awareness of one’s leadership impact is the most powerful catalyst to initiate change from within. When leveraging personal mastery with wants and desires, new realities are created for all.

The result?

Authentic, courageous leadership in action for those who choose it!

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Reboot Now 

“Do not go where the path may lead,
go instead where there is no path,
and leave a trail.”
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