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You have an outstanding employee who you chose to promote to a team leadership role. Things start to go awry and you ask yourself “What just happened here?” Or, you are that outstanding performer and suddenly you can’t seem to get any traction with your team and are asking yourself “What am I doing wrong?” If either of these scenarios sounds familiar, I encourage you to keep reading.

“We like to promote from within.” I hear this often and applaud this practice as it motivates people to get better, do their best and stretch themselves to reach their full potential. It can be challenging to shift roles from being a member of a team to being the leader of that team. As a testament to this, the bookstores are full of stories, case studies and surveys on the topic. The journey as a high performer and/or hands on manager to one of a leader with vision who inspires others to reach their full potential is a winding road and can take years to navigate. Sometimes with success and sometimes, not so much…..

As a new leader what used to motivate and validate an individual’s self worth is about to change. Being a top performer and doing great work is no longer the number 1 caveat to achieving success in the new leadership role. It’s now about being in service to helping others achieve their best and to creating opportunities for the team to learn – grow – change.

A few points to keep in mind might be:

  • Create the vision for others to align with
  • Get people in the right seats
  • Empower; be a mentor – teach and leave
  • Set the expectation, then hold them accountable
  • Collaborate; hunt for their ideas

Your energy field sets the tone for your team; be mindful of who you are being.

Are you exhausted and/or frustrated? If so, take a step back and look at your own leadership style. Remember, as a leader, you do not hold the success and choices of others on your shoulders. A few items worthy of pondering might be:

  • Am I making most of the decisions?
  • Am I mired in the details?
  • How often do I give positive feedback?

Your team’s level of performance is your behavior reflected back on you.  Check yours today!

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