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Why Culture Matters

Everyday, everywhere we go we encounter a diversity of cultural influences. In our own homes, at work, with groups of friends, on the baseball field, the grocery store, a favorite restaurant. Culture is all around us….

We all have our favorite establishments and likely frequent them on a regular basis. Have you ever stopped and really looked at WHY they’re favorites?

Building a culture in the workplace that resonates with employees and speaks to the values of an organization. Oh yeah!! Employees and business owners alike, both have a stake in what is created. Living as Expats in a resort community provides many opportunities for us to explore cultural diversity. Curiously, it also highlights commonalities among us; our values…

We’ve all heard it said – “hire for attitude, train for skills”. Skills can be learned, it’s virtually impossible, however, to make someone fit a company culture. When employees mesh culturally, they are more likely to stick around and add collaborative value, which in the end saves on employee turnover costs. Like attracts like and when people click with a company’s vision and reason for being in business it quickly becomes apparent with the customer base.

Let’s look at initiative for a moment.  What have you done lately to enhance the culture of your work environment?  Organizing an extra curricular activity or perhaps an event within the daily business operations both have merit.  Bringing people together, deepening relationships, laughing together and sharing a part of self aligns us all just a little closer each time.  For more on tribal connections, employee engagement and collaboration, check out my post on Finding Your Tribe here.

The intrinsic nature of business and its relationship to culture is a popular topic of conversation.  How this is felt within by employees and externally by customers.  It’s not always about money.  You can’t always put your finger on it, however, a differentiator these days is fast becoming about how one feels upon entering a business establishment.  And to that end, will likely dictate whether or not there will be a return visit.

“Intrinsic value, it’s something that gives integrity and even mystery to 
everyday business. Not everything is dollars and cents, although in many
cases it has to be. Look for the gray areas; it will enhance your life as
well as your business sense.”
                                                                                                  –Donald Trump

How might you influence the culture in your environment today?  Look to the businesses and organizations that you frequent and ask yourself….

  • Why did I choose to engage with this company?
  • How do the people make me feel during our interactions?
  • What will bring me back?

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