Internal Motivation

Are you looking for meaning or direction in your life? Sourcing your internal motivation is a powerful first step. When you go deep within yourself, reflect on thoughts, feelings and what you’re passionate about, you are connecting with your creative energy source. This energy source has great powers! You know that place – it’s when you feel this inner peace and excitement all at once. There’s this knowing and yet an unknown…. Create your experience with life – intentionally.

How is it we get to this so-called magical place on purpose, you might be wondering? Well, as it happens, there are a few ideas on the subject that I’d like to share with you.

There’s something about journaling that really helps to harvest those nuggets of wisdom we sometimes have buried in that cobweb we call our brains. Each morning, taking 10-15 minutes to just write whatever comes to your mind, you’ll notice how your thinking begins to get clearer. Get curious about what you’re feeling. Ask yourself why you’re feeling it and see what shows up. Notice what questions start to pop up for you throughout your day.

Celebrate your Wins:
People so often just don’t do this naturally. It’s truly amazing. When is the last time you celebrated something? It’s so important to reward yourself and/or your team. The positive emotions you experience are validation for your brain connecting efforts and results to positive rewards. Success begets success!

Doing the Work:
With an open heart you can accomplish great things. Find your own personal pace and keep going. The more you persevere the more you develop emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Resiliency of spirit and momentum are your friends. It’s the work that often times, provides the greatest sense of satisfaction and happiness in life.

Connect with a Coach:
Seriously, aligning with someone that you don’t have an emotional tie with or bias to can make all the difference. A Coach will challenge your thinking and be an ear to your concerns without collusion or enabling behaviors that may be present with friends and family. A Coach will be in service to you and your path.

Reflection Time:
Self-reflection opens the window by which you are able to connect to your spiritual self. When you’re in this state, a deeper sense of beingness naturally extends to your source of empathy and natural connection to others. Take some time each evening to notice the day’s events. Some questions you might ask yourself are:

  • Who did I cross paths with?
  • Was there a pattern to any of my conversations?
  • What feels unfinished?
  • What can I celebrate?

When you connect with this creative power of your conscious self you are creating your own unique expression of life. Today – now, in the present moment.

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