Thank You!“I am over the top excited about the work Lifestyle Leadership Consulting, specifically Gisele Pilling, has been doing with my team. She has been coaching with my leadership team with such incredible success that several are now mentoring others on the staff. The level of communication, taking ownership and increased confidence the team is showing is really helping to move the ‘ship’ in new and exciting directions. The collaboration work she has done is helping focus the team discussions, enhancing and expediting the decision making process.

We owe this new environment to Gisele’s keen understanding of us and our needs.
Most recently the extended team held a Saturday Workshop Group in which Gisele shared our TEAM WHEEL for both behaviors and motivators. To watch the engagement of the team was exciting but more exciting was watching them put this new found understanding to use in hiring new team members. I also sensed a respect for current team members who had been previously misunderstood.

We owe this new environment to Gisele’s keen understanding of us and our needs. She has a wonderful ability to ask just the right question to make you think, reflect, comprehend…and then ACT.

I highly recommend Gisele as a lifestyle and leadership coach for your organization.”

Ann Rupp, Owner, Akins Collision Centers, Inc., Santa Clara, CA

Thank You!“Everyone in the leadership consulting business knows you need values and purpose to be successful – few are willing to step out on the wire and walk the fine line of where leadership values take you. Gisele is one of the those few.

I can always count on Gisele to lend an open ear to my challenges …
I have had the pleasure of mentoring under Gisele’s guidance since 2011. Her leadership and encouragement has not only helped me become a better leader, but has molded me into a better husband; a better father; a better person. I can always count on Gisele to lend an open ear to my challenges, provide solid counsel in helping me find the best solution for me, and provide supporting resources to help me dive deeper in my own journey.

If we are lucky, we have the opportunity to find a mentor who can help us to become the great person we are meant to be. Plato had Socrates. Mitch Albom had Morrie Schwartz. I have Gisele Pilling.”

Scott Carlton, Vice President, Commercial Lines Manager at Hylant

Thank You!“Gisele has the incredibly valuable ability to apply the needed information, input and resources at the most impactful time.  She has helped lead me to my true leadership potential and has been an invaluable part of my own development.  I certainly credit her coaching for playing a major role in my own ability to elevate, lead, and coach people myself.  Any organization that values their leaders over managers would benefit greatly from Gisele’s coaching.”

Matthew Baker, GM, Baker Collision Express – Lexington

Thank You!“Gisele is both authentic and genuine. I have had the privilege of working with Gisele at a time when my life was very chaotic. Gisele has an incredible way to help you tame the chaos and break everything down so it is not overwhelming but achievable. Her heartfelt approach is very sincere and committed to what is important to you. My takeaway from working with Gisele is that as long as I have the right foundation in place, the sky is the limit for what I want out of life!”

Michelle – Vice President, Sales Executive

Thank You!“Working with Gisele is a delight. She helped guide me to a dynamic way of being that I did not know I was capable of and my business has flourished! She also helped me to balance my personal life with my business. I HIGHLY recommend her as a fantastic coach with heart.”

Tamara Gerlach, Owner at Encore Gymnastics

Thank You!“Gisele taught me that it is “ok” to be who you are and how to identify your strengths and weaknesses and then effectively guided me on how to move forward within that context.  Her biggest strength is her ability to make what might appear to be a complicated process, seem so simple.”

Steve Yallouz, Vice-President, Alta Gas, B.C. Division

Thank You!“Gisele’s enthusiasm and energy are contagious and highly motivating.  I enlisted Gisele’s assistance during a very difficult period in my life and she helped me to find balance through effective techniques and honest feedback.  I appreciated her use of a structured approach to goal setting and her commitment to see that I did the work to achieve my goals.  Gisele is a genuinely friendly, approachable, upbeat person who has an incredible ability to inspire others to improve themselves.  Even now, after our coaching relationship has concluded, I continue to realize benefits from the experience.”

Ilsa Foster, Project Management Executive