The Fine Art of Listening

Are you wanting to improve the quality of the relationships in your life? To connect more with the people you cross paths with on a daily basis? Ever wonder why some of your conversations have more depth and meaning than others?

Let’s take a look – you might be surprised to find that how you listen and engage with others is in need of a tune up.

Level 1 – Internal Listening
Here as the listener your focus is on yourself and your own thoughts rather than the speaker. As the speaker is talking you interpret what you hear in terms of what it means to you. This is normal everyday conversation where it is natural as the listener to gather information to help you form opinions and make decisions.  It is also interesting to note that this is the most common level of listening that we encounter in our everyday interactions.

Signs of level 1 listening are:  lack of eye contact, doing something else while in conversation – interruptions and talking over

Level 2 – Listening to Understand
As a listener operating at level 2 you are focusing totally on the speaker, listening to their words, tone of voice and body language and are not distracted by your own thoughts and feelings. By listening at level 2 you can get a real understanding of where your companion is ‘coming from’, they will feel heard and understood.

Signs of level 2 listening are:  eye contact, focus, less distractions – a natural pause before responding

Level 3 – Global Listening
This involves the listener focusing on the speaker and picking up more than what is being said.  Listening to everything available using intuition, picking up emotion and sensing body language signals.  You can gauge the energy of your conversation as well as picking up what is not being said.

Signs that level 3 listening is present:  Trusting your own senses and gut feel, understanding what your companion is thinking and feeling – a deeper level of attention and introspection in the conversation 

People will always remember
how you made them feel

Listening is a fine art.  Science has taught us that the people we choose to surround ourselves with are a reflection of who we are being.  Some questions you might ask yourself…

  • How present am I when in conversation with others?
  • What does that say about me?
  • How can I be the change, today?

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