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Beginnings and Necessary Endings

Are some of those New Year resolutions weighing you down?  If so, check out this post on how to sort through your best intentions and bring them into your current reality.

While traversing with clients through January and spending time with goal setting, individually and organizationally, many conversations were greeted with a few twists and turns.  Ever notice how difficult it is to bring in the new without letting go of the old or the clutter?

Everything has a season or a lifecycle to it.  We often fail to see this in our personal lives as well as in our businesses.  Take this time to get clear and bring yourself and/or your business back on track.  A few questions to assist in bringing this clarity might be:

  • What is it time to let go of?
  • Who is it time to say goodbye to?
  • What can I purge or clear out allowing the space for the new to enter?

We are a reflection of the people we choose to be in community with.  If you’re looking to shift the energy in your life, look to the people you are choosing to surround yourself with.  Are they elevating you or enabling the status quo?  Join a new group, learn some new skills, get your fitness on track, join a Mastermind group– these are all ways in which you can take back control and choose the experience you want for yourself.

“Being alive requires that we sometimes kill off things
in which we were once invested, uproot what we previously nurtured,
and tear down what we built for an earlier time.” –Dr. Henry Cloud

necessary_endingsDoes it feel like your life or business is constantly in and out of states of chaos?  Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud is a thoughtful and thought provoking read.  Borrowing from and expanding on Jack Welch’s “pruning” standard, Dr. Cloud presents us with three key components in business and in life to consistently explore for pruning:

  1. Strategies
  2. Plans
  3. People

He goes on to state that we must be willing to prune in order to maximize our effectiveness as leaders in our own lives as well as in organizations.  Intellectually, most of us will agree with this.  Doing it – well that’s another story.  It’s not always easy to bring about some of these necessary endings.  Often times, moving forward requires that we abandon hard-wired thinking patterns, beliefs and standards.

Do you have some tough decisions to make?  Are you being challenged with old maps?

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