Fear of the Unknown…

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While dressing the other day I had the fright of my life.  Truly, it’s quite funny but at the time, I swear it took my heart rate ten minutes to slow down!! Something as simple as putting a top over my head brought about the most curious circumstances definitely worthy of exploring in more depth.

Some of you may have a sense of what happened and for those of you still wondering a cockroach landed on my head and traversed its way down to the floor.  I went into what can only be described as a crazy dance of hysterics and very loud squeals of terror only to realize the best part of this story – it was a dead one….

Really?  A harmless bug elicited this lively response and behavior?  After spending a good amount of time pondering this event, I’m left querying how fear of the unknown can be oh so powerful in all aspects of our lives.

You may ask yourself….

  • Am I choosing to embrace and live a life of health and well being?
  • Am I aligned with what and how I choose to spend my days at work?
  • Are there any relationships in my life causing unnecessary drama?

What’s holding you back from aligning with your best self?  Fear of the unknown is real and powerful.  Choosing to notice it and then using this knowledge as a catalyst to catapult you to the next level of your leadership – priceless!

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